These days, girl don't just go cruising clubs or bars to meet guys if they want to get laid. They''ll come on to a guy wherever they may be if he gets their pussies tingling and their juices flowing. Yeah, the days of a girl waiting for you to make the first move are long gone. These days, a babe is just as likely to proposition you when she's in the mood to ride your cock. Ain't that awesome?

Many girls find hot sex in their own homes with repairmen, delivery guys and even horny neighbors, all easy prey for seduction. Guys on the clock will always take some time out to get a girl on their cock. After all, they have been told time and time again to always give the customer what she wants. And if that customer is a horny babe looking for a deep dicking, these guys aren't going to complain! So, these naughty neighbors get boned at home!
Going Up... To Go Down

Added on August 25th, 2015

Bella encounters one of her neighbors-he's married-in the elevator of her hi-rise apartment building. You know that they've had the forbidden hots for each other for a while, because once she finds out that his wife is out of town, they're all over each other in the elevator like white on rice. Once in her apartment, they prove that old saying that actions speak louder than words as they quickly strip and she deep throats the lucky guy while he fingers her pussy, reading it for action. Bella is very noisy...

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One Helluva Tip!

Added on August 19th, 2015

Michelle is horny and it's getting worse because she's looking out the window at a half-naked stud mowing the lawn. What's a poor horny girl to do? That's easy! She strips down to her little, pink panties, opens the door and tells the guy that she's got his pay. She is holding a fistful of bills, but her semi-naked state tells him what his tip's gonna be if he wants it. He does! He comes inside to find Michelle naked on the couch, with her pussy hidden by bank notes. Some fingering, kissing and blowing get...

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Christening Kara's Condo

Added on August 13th, 2015

Kara is excited about having moved into a new condo. Her guy is horny. She wants to put up curtains and tidy the place. He wants to christen it. She tells him to focus on tidying up. He says he is focused...on getting some. A little bit of pussy fingering under her shorts and a few well-placed kisses from her horny guy convince Kara that, perhaps, they can take a short break. To get her in the mood, her guy pulls down her shorts and panties and does a little eating at the Y. So Kara says "screw the chores...screw...

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