These days, girl don't just go cruising clubs or bars to meet guys if they want to get laid. They''ll come on to a guy wherever they may be if he gets their pussies tingling and their juices flowing. Yeah, the days of a girl waiting for you to make the first move are long gone. These days, a babe is just as likely to proposition you when she's in the mood to ride your cock. Ain't that awesome?

Many girls find hot sex in their own homes with repairmen, delivery guys and even horny neighbors, all easy prey for seduction. Guys on the clock will always take some time out to get a girl on their cock. After all, they have been told time and time again to always give the customer what she wants. And if that customer is a horny babe looking for a deep dicking, these guys aren't going to complain! So, these naughty neighbors get boned at home!
Sex Over Soaps? Any Day!

Added on May 21st, 2015

Helena is bored with watching TV. The soaps don't interest her at all today, and, besides, her pussy is eager for a good fucking. So, when her guy brings out his new video camera and starts to film her, she decides that's a great way to get what she wants... a pussy-full of his big, thick cock and a healthy orgasm or two. She strips for him as he shoots her booty and pussy from all sorts of up-close and very personal angles, but, pretty soon, that's not enough for either of them and they're naked and going...

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A Quick Fix For Her Itch

Added on May 15th, 2015

When a girl's home alone and her pussy starts to get twitchy and demand some attention, she can either pleasure it herself--as Ellie Shae starts to do--or she can jump the bones of a guy who knocks at her front door selling books. Books? Yea, well, what the fuck! He gets invited in, and within two minutes or so his cock is being slurped down Ellie Shae's throat. She gets some great oral action as well, and her pussy gets pleasured in every which way. And, a couple of orgasms later, you can betcha that it's...

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Way More Than The Plumber's Crack

Added on May 9th, 2015

The plumber is just about finished working on the kitchen sink when he spies Carolina, the lady of the house, sunbathing topless in the backyard. She walks in cool as you please, for a drink of water and gets him hard immediately by rubbing an ice cube over her hot, tanned tits. She grabs his cock through his pants and asks if he'd like to join her outdoors. Perhaps they can work up a sweat together. Naturally, he's a starter! This babe is a first-rate cock-sucker and a very athletic fuck. The scene has some...

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