These days, girl don't just go cruising clubs or bars to meet guys if they want to get laid. They''ll come on to a guy wherever they may be if he gets their pussies tingling and their juices flowing. Yeah, the days of a girl waiting for you to make the first move are long gone. These days, a babe is just as likely to proposition you when she's in the mood to ride your cock. Ain't that awesome?

Many girls find hot sex in their own homes with repairmen, delivery guys and even horny neighbors, all easy prey for seduction. Guys on the clock will always take some time out to get a girl on their cock. After all, they have been told time and time again to always give the customer what she wants. And if that customer is a horny babe looking for a deep dicking, these guys aren't going to complain! So, these naughty neighbors get boned at home!

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Young Lola is surprised when she finds that a different instructor has turned up for her weekly piano lesson. She loves his accent and thinks he's way sexier than her usual guy. They run through the basics as he finds out what she knows. But she soon makes it obvious that she knows that she wants to fuck. She tells him that she hasn't had sex in a week, and that's way too long. Being the good lad that he his, the instructor says "fuck the piano," and happily lets Lola exercise her fingers-and her lips-on his...

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The Postman Only Cums Once

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Her husband thinks that Natalie is a beautiful, sexy and, most importantly, faithful young wife, but when he kisses her goodbye, she has only one thing on her mind as she shuts the front door after him: getting her pussy stuffed. She decides to fuck the first eligible guy she sees, and that just happens to be the postman who knocks on her door. She tells him she wants to talk about a package...his package that is, and she doesn't want to talk about it, she wants to work it. And so she does, with cock sucking...

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His Dream Cum True

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As she tells her friend on the phone, young Nikki's parents are out of town and she has the house to herself for the weekend. She tells her friend that she has nothing planned, but she's out by the pool as the pool guy is cleaning it, and it's quite obvious what she has in mind. She strips down to her bikini and starts to rub baby oil on her body, then asks the pool guy to help her out. Like any good pool boy should, he asks how old she is before he starts anything. 18? Good! Rubbing oil onto her butt and...

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