These days, girl don't just go cruising clubs or bars to meet guys if they want to get laid. They''ll come on to a guy wherever they may be if he gets their pussies tingling and their juices flowing. Yeah, the days of a girl waiting for you to make the first move are long gone. These days, a babe is just as likely to proposition you when she's in the mood to ride your cock. Ain't that awesome?

Many girls find hot sex in their own homes with repairmen, delivery guys and even horny neighbors, all easy prey for seduction. Guys on the clock will always take some time out to get a girl on their cock. After all, they have been told time and time again to always give the customer what she wants. And if that customer is a horny babe looking for a deep dicking, these guys aren't going to complain! So, these naughty neighbors get boned at home!
Hi-Rise Connection

Added on March 28th, 2015

It's a beautiful summer's day, and what can possibly make it better than a little afternoon delight? When a horny guy spots a hot babe on a nearby hi-rise balcony, words don't need to be exchanged. Tanner spots our man and invites him over. She makes her horny intentions fairly clear by greeting him sitting on her bed. Not one for wasting time with small talk, our man gets right to the point by making his cock the center of attention. So, does Tanner get offended and sent him packing or call the cops? Fuck...

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Amateur Helena
March 27th, 2015
The Gardener's Other Hose

Added on March 22nd, 2015

Syndi has a typical lovers' spat with her boyfriend and sends him packing to "fuck his ho." Does she sit inside and mope, turn on the men-haters TV channel or pour herself a strong one? Nope! She looks out the window and sees the young, studly gardener doing his thing with the garden hose. That's it! Revenge can be sweet, but getting some of what her guy's enjoying is even better! After all, what's good for his cock is good for her cunt, too. So she heads outside and zeroes in on the lucky gardener's personal...

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Cumming, Not Going

Added on March 16th, 2015

Two partners turn up to evict a couple who once again are late paying the rent on their apartment. The guy, an out-of-work photographer, is not home, but his wife decides that desperate measures are needed to keep a roof over their heads. So she offers the oldest trade in the world-cunt for cash-and takes on one of the guys while the other guy...well, who gives a shit about him? Tatum gets into positions in her kitchen coupling that would make most female gymnasts faint in fright. The way this babe sucks and...

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