These days, girl don't just go cruising clubs or bars to meet guys if they want to get laid. They''ll come on to a guy wherever they may be if he gets their pussies tingling and their juices flowing. Yeah, the days of a girl waiting for you to make the first move are long gone. These days, a babe is just as likely to proposition you when she's in the mood to ride your cock. Ain't that awesome?

Many girls find hot sex in their own homes with repairmen, delivery guys and even horny neighbors, all easy prey for seduction. Guys on the clock will always take some time out to get a girl on their cock. After all, they have been told time and time again to always give the customer what she wants. And if that customer is a horny babe looking for a deep dicking, these guys aren't going to complain! So, these naughty neighbors get boned at home!
Daddy's Horny Little Girl

Added on March 4th, 2015

Haileey lives in a house that looks like a French whorehouse. Her dad's out working, and she's home alone all day getting horny. Presumably she's sick of watching the soaps, so she gets one of his salesmen over to the house on false pretenses and jumps his bones as soon as he walks in the door. Who the fuck needs to exchange small talk when you can suck cock and fuck instead? So the salesman gets his cock sucked and his dick wet doing the boss's daughter, and Haileey gets well and truly reamed. It's a win-win,...

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The Low Blow

Added on February 26th, 2015

She is a sexy, young fight fan who adores Mike Tyson, and she wants to learn the basics of boxing for self-defense. So a friend sends her to a guy who knows his way around the ring to teach her the basics. She puts the gloves on and they start talking about basic moves, but she soon brings her instructor to his knees with a great jab to his nuts. Naturally, the only way to make him feel better and restore feeling to his dick is to suck it and then ride it hard. Who needs to trade blows when...

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What's "Fuck" In Spanish?

Added on February 20th, 2015

Young Emy is trying her best to bring her boyfriend up to speed on their Spanish language studies a day ahead of a big test, but he's finding it real hard to concentrate on the subject. He'd rather study her tits and pussy up close, and she'd just as soon suck his cock and ride it. So the study buddies become fuck buddies, and to hell with the test! Cramming for Spanish quickly becomes cunt-cramming. Sex is an international language that anyone can understand. Emy talks dirty in Spanish while she's getting...

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